About Our Founders, Maria & Arif Bhalwani

Maria and Arif Bhalwani came to Canada as immigrants and because the country took a chance on them and changed their lives, they feel it is their duty to make real and lasting impacts on other people’s lives.

BFCF was formed to better target the Bhalwani family’s philanthropic endeavours in Canada and uphold their core value of service to humanity. Arif Bhalwani is the CEO of Third Eye Capital (TEC), an alternative capital provider which he co-founded in 2005. TEC provides access to capital to companies undergoing change or transition. Through its unique combination of tailored financing and value-added business expertise, TEC empowers talented management teams to seize opportunities and realize growth potential more quickly and effectively. TEC offers a unique combination of tailored financing and value-added operational expertise so that companies have the full backing of their substantial resources, relationships, and experience. It has invested over $4 Billion across a diverse set of industries, including technology, sustainability, traditional and alternative energy, mining, construction services, transportation, and healthcare. Before leading TEC, Arif Bhalwani co-founded Pinnacle Capital, the Canadian unit of Pinnacle Investments, an early-stage and specialty venture capital firm based in California. He has also founded, managed, and sold companies in the retail, construction, automotive, & computer services industries.

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