On September 8, 2023, a magnitude-6.8 earthquake struck near Oukaïmedene in western Morocco, resulting in significant casualties and widespread damage. The earthquake affected Marrakesh and various remote villages in the Atlas Mountains and was felt across the Strait of Gibraltar into Portugal. The extensive damage caused an urgent need for humanitarian assistance in these areas.

The Bhalwani Family Charitable Foundation has partnered with Canadian charity GlobalMedic to provide critical support in the aftermath of the earthquake. This partnership focuses on delivering essential aid and resources to the affected populations.

In response to the disaster, GlobalMedic has implemented several key initiatives:

Water Filtration: GlobalMedic installed AR3s water filtration devices at central locations, such as feeding centres and health clinics, to provide clean drinking water for over 2,000 people daily.

Education: GlobalMedic supplied a large Alaska tent that’s been converted into a classroom in Ouchfilene so that school may continue for students and teachers affected by the earthquake.

Shelter: The organization has distributed 1,221 tents to date for individuals and families who lost their homes.

Food Aid: GlobalMedic delivered food supplies, including staple items and fresh produce, to support the nutritional needs of the affected communities.

Solar Lights: To address the lack of power, solar lights were provided to ensure families have lighting at night, facilitating activities and enabling children to study.

The partnership between the Bhalwani Family Charitable Foundation and GlobalMedic illustrates a committed and strategic approach to disaster relief. By focusing on essential needs like clean water, shelter, food, and education, the organizations are making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the Morocco earthquake. The efforts demonstrate a commitment to operational efficiency and the importance of targeted aid in disaster response scenarios.

Background on GlobalMedic

Founded in 1998 by Toronto Paramedic Rahul Singh, GlobalMedic aims to provide rapid response to disasters worldwide. The organization operates based on the principle of delivering the Right Aid to the Right People at the Right Time. It utilizes a comprehensive approach encompassing six core emergency programs: Water, Food, RescUAV, Flood, Medical, and Shelter. GlobalMedic's Rapid Response Team (RRT) plays a crucial role in these efforts, comprising emergency professionals and volunteers dedicated to efficient aid delivery.

In the spirit of solidarity, the Bhalwani family and all of our staff at the BFCF extend our heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers, partners, and supporters who have made these life- saving interventions possible. Together, we continue to work diligently toward recovery and renewal for the mountain towns of Morocco.