When you’re a part of the team at Third Eye Capital, you quickly become familiar with the company’s commitment to supporting cancer research initiatives through the Bhalwani Family Charitable Foundation. The instillment of a higher cause in the work that everyone does is a big part of what forms our identity as a company. 

So when we feel the fall season coming in, we know that Grovember can’t be too far away. 

Third Eye Capital participates in Grovember every year. The campaign involves men growing mustaches or beards and women sporting pink in some way throughout the entire month of November, with incentives to raise money for cancer research and screening initiatives. 

The facial hair and pink flair are visual demonstrations of support for cancer research. They also contribute significantly to raising awareness of the need for increased screenings. Early detection and treatment of cancer can save lives, and more awareness can lead to more people seeking preventive care and support.

We’re so proud that every member of the Third Eye Capital team participated in this initiative in 2023. For each one of them, the Bhalwani Family Charitable Foundation donated $10,000 to cancer research, testing and therapy, contributing a record $400,000 for the year! The donations provide direct support to expand the cancer genetic screening program at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.

Third Eye Capital provides extra incentives to the team’s participants, awarding each of them a $500 gift card. The grand prize is a $1,000 gift card for ‘team spirit’, which usually means the most visually impressive displays.

Third Eye Capital’s Grovember campaign is a chance to renew the commitment to better testing and to continue to make it possible for people with cancer history in their families to benefit from vital genetic testing, counseling, and risk assessment services.

“I am profoundly moved and immensely proud of our team’s collective triumph in the 2023 Grovember campaign,” said Third Eye Capital’s CEO, Arif Bhalwani. “We’ve shown that when we combine our efforts for a cause greater than ourselves, the impact we can create is boundless.”

Over the years, the Bhalwani Family Charitable Foundation has donated millions to cancer research, including $2.5 million to the Bhalwani Familial Cancer Clinic at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the world’s top five cancer research facilities. The PMCC provides immeasurable support to the efforts to improve diagnostic and treatment capabilities. 

The Foundation has also established the Bhalwani Family Compassionate Care Fund, providing financial support to patients seeking genetic testing. 
To learn more about the Bhalwani Familial Cancer Clinic, please visit Familial Cancer Clinic | Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (uhn.ca).